Team Members


CARSTEN ØSTERLUND is an Associate Professor at the iSchool at Syracuse University. His research explores the organization, creation, and use of documents in distributed work environments where people’s daily practices are characterized by high mobility. Apart from researching virtual collaboration among social scientists, he studies the documenting practices involved in citizen science, game design and personal health records. He studies these issues empirically through in-depth qualitative and quantitative studies of everyday work practices in organizations. He earned a Ph.D. in Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a former student of UC Berkeley, University of Århus, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been affiliated with the Work Practice and Technology Group at Xerox PARC.


Steve_Sawyer-84-651f3403-4580-4c07-856a-915b5c2c3172STEVE SAWYER is a member of Syracuse University’s iSchool faculty. His research focuses on the relationships among changing forms of work, it’s organization and uses of information and communication technologies. Prior to returning to Syracuse, Steve was a founding member of the Pennsylvania State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology. For more on Steve’s research, see




getmediaobjectashx2-30-2214b1eb-8db0-4300-aab9-f7ccd5082249JAIME SNYDER is a postdoctoral research fellow at Syracuse University’s iSchool. She recently completed her PhD in Information Science and Technology at the iSchool. Dr. Snyder’s research focuses on social aspects of visualization practices and the creation of visual information as a form of social interaction. This project provides a platform for extending her dissertation research by viewing collaborative visualization and other visually oriented documenting activities as sociotechnical practice.




Matt Willig ISchool DPS-IM PHD StudentsMATT WILLIS is a Doctoral Candidate at Syracuse University’s iSchool, where he is currently writing his dissertation on patient documentation practices of health information. His other research interests include participatory medicine, computer-supported cooperative work, and the social shaping of technology. Matt is a fellow of the National Physical Science Consortium and has research experience from five different organizations in academic, government, non-profit, and private sectors. He has been part of many interdisciplinary research teams working in the areas of health promotion and policy, game design and development, intercultural communication, drug abuse prevention, and human-computer interaction. This breadth of experience has allowed Matt many opportunities to practice research methods in the field; specifically, methods of conducting interviews, participant observation, survey design and analysis, and facilitating experiments in a computer lab setting. Matt brings these skills to the VOSS project along with a passion for investigating the complex socio-technical work of scientists who collaborate both at a distance and in person.


Headshot-1906-dc12bfce-4711-4ae3-822d-847214f73b4bSARIKA SHARMA is a first year doctoral student at Syracuse University, an IMLS e-Science fellow, and advisee of Dr. Sawyer. She received her undergraduate degree in zoology from University of Wisconsin- Madison and her MLIS from University of Pittsburgh. Her interests are e-Science, virtual collaborations in science, and data science.






EMMA ALLEN graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in English and Textual Studies and Political Science.  Her focus on this research team is project management and assisting in data analysis.



Past Project Members

MICHELLE BROWN (2012-2013) served on this project as a graduate student at Syracuse University’s iSchool in the Library and Information Science program. She received her BS in psychology from the University at Buffalo. Her focus on this project was data management and trace data collection. Following graduation, she is now working as the Resource Center Manager for the Health Sciences Library at Upstate.

DOROTEA SZKOLAR (2011-2013) served on this project as a student in the Master of Library Sciences program at Syracuse University’s iSchool. In addition to earning her Masters, she also worked towards a certificate of advanced studies in digital libraries. Her focus on this research team was to assist with research into document use, as this knowledge is important for effectively building digital library services that encourage collaboration and meet researchers’ needs. Following graduation, Dorotea is working as the Data Manager at GroupM.

ELIZABETH GREENBERG (2012-2013) served on this project as a graduate student at Syracuse University’s iSchool in the Information Management program. In 2007, she graduated from Grinnell College with a BA in Chinese and in Music. She is fascinated by the way people collaborate and communicate.